Thursday, July 15, 2010

The wait is over - almost

Thomas' take

Jess recently finished up her internship at the Detroit Institute of Art and is heading back to the Sunshine State this weekend which means the Burger Tour summer hiatus is nearing an end.

We have plenty more burgers to eat and I'm extremely excited to have my burger buddy back.

To whet your appetite for real burger blogging I'm going to offer a little review of a recent Burger King visit. This does go against one of the tenets of the Tour, but because I was burgering on my own and because this was a standout experience we're going to allow.

Burger King A1 Steakhouse Burger

This was completely an impulse buy. I was seeking a quick fast food burger during my lunch break and ended up in Burger King. My gaze wandered from the Whopper to this relatively new creation.

If I had known then what I know now... I would have gone to Wendy's.

The burger: 
On paper this was going to be a solid meal; steak-like patty, A1 sauce, cheese, haystack onions, tomato, lettuce, and mayo. I knew going into it that this wasn't going to be the bet burger ever, hell, to be honest I wasn't expecting much, but I was still disappointed.

The downs:
The first negative surprise was the Thousand Island-like dressing that was slathered on the burger. It was extra zesty and applied with way too much zeal. I've never been a fan of this trend. To me it's like putting ketchup on steak, water in whiskey or mayonnaise on cake. Why take something delicious and add something to it to make it taste like poop?

The next startling realization was that the pseudo-steak patty had almost zero flavor. Maybe the workers at the Burger King factory put too much "nondescript meat flavor" juice it or maybe it was supposed to be like escargot -- chewy, flavorless and kind of gross. Either way there was no distinct flavor to the burger and the only way I knew I was eating something (aside from me chewing stuff) was the sting of the super zesty dressing.

The ups:
This burger provided me with much needed perspective. It reminded me that simply being a burger doesn't make a burger good.

The other good thing is that it was very filling. In fact I was full of a "sick to my stomach" feeling for much of the night, and my throat was full of stomach acid from the raging heartburn and reflux it gave me.

The rating:
0.5 out of 5 I could probably be talked into eating it again, but I wouldn't pay for it.

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