Thursday, August 5, 2010

Brick City Cafe

Brick City Cafe
210 Northeast 1st Street
Ocala, FL 34470-6651

Thomas' take
We haven't had a whole lot of luck with finding burgers in Ocala. Mostly because I spend most of the time that I'm out of my apartment in an office in The Villages so my knowledge of Ocala is very limited. On my trips around town though I have always eyed the Brick City Cafe. Its side entrance (seen above) leads through a small courtyard/alley that I liked and any place that has a Brick City Burger get points in my book.

The inside of the cafe wasn't overly... anything. It was small, but clean and well kept (as well kept as an older building can be). It had a very small town, everyday regulars kind of feeling. The servers were very nice, talkative (but not overly) and remembered enough about customers to comment to one that she didn't think he'd like the new soup as much because she remembered he likes thicker soup.

The burger:
A 1/3 pound Angus beef patty, I got mine all the way, which included mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion and a pickle spear speared to it. I added ketchup and mustard and threw the onions away. Still not sure why I didn't ask to have them left off.

The burger itself was pretty spot on, fully cooked but still juicy and tasty. And just as important, it had excellent bun, burger ratio. The bun was just a little bit big than the burger to ensure every bite of delicious meat was cradled in fluffy bread goodness.

The downs:
I'm struggling a little bit here. No major down points come to mind. If I had to pick something, I would say the interior. It didn't detract in anyway, there was nothing wrong with it, but it didn't do them any favors. It just kind of was there.

The ups:
Like the venue, there is not a lot of pizazz in the burger but neither needed it. This was a good everyday, always good burger. The bun was good, the meat was good and they complimented each other nicely.

It's not the kind of burger that is going to make a place famous, but it is a burger that is going to keep people coming back again and again.

And curly fries were standard. And these were good curly fries.

The rating:
4 out of 5