Thursday, September 30, 2010

Glenview Country Club Restaurant

Glenview Country Club Restaurant
3194 Glenview Road
The Villages, Florida 32162
Phone: 352-753-0077

Thomas' take
This stop on the tour comes courtesy of one of my co-workers, Mike Rostas. He was kind enough to notice an ad for Glenview's burger special which included a tag line claiming the best burger in The Villages. Well of course we can't pass up the chance to put that kind of claim to the test.

I was a little uncertain about the country club setting at first. But I was pleasantly surprised. Despite being very new, the restaurant had a traditional, almost old-timey feel to it. It was a very relaxed place. The kind that made me want to get an iced tea and sit around talking about taking strokes off my back nine (I've been told it helps to play the game) or something of the sort. There were a couple tables of people laughing, lounging and having a good time enjoying each other's company, which is always a plus.

Excellent lunch setting.

The burger:
With no other Villages' burgers as comparison, this is definitely the best burger we've had in The Villages. Though really this was an excellent burger. Cooked to medium, the burger was still the right amount of juicy. That is to say it was juicy, but not so much so that it became a mess-making problem.

There was nothing fancy about this burger and it works perfectly for it. For $5 (if you get a drink) this is a solid burger meal. Everything you want without any frill (not that frill is always bad). Even with bacon and cheese the taste of the burger wasn't overpowered, a big plus in my book.

The downs:
Really the only down is that it is not a central location unless you live in The Villages near the country club. But I guess that's part of the appeal.

The ups:
Lovely place to eat lunch. A great weekend, take-it-easy kind of place. Awesome burger-to-bun ratio. The bun covered the whole burger but maintained a pretty consistent bun thickness. Solid burger. Good price. I keep coming back the word relaxed and I think it's a good word as any to sum up the whole experience.

It's also worth mentioning the chips are an awesome homemade barbecue-flavored delight. I usually prefer fries to chips. But I would get these chips again.

Things we learned:
I should not be trusted with soup. Jess got a bowl of the soup of the day, a steamed tomato beef. She offered to let me taste it and I promptly trailed steamed tomato beef soup across the table and my plate. I can be dressed up but I can't be taken out...

The rating:
4 out of 5

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