Sunday, March 27, 2011

Special Space Edition: Orbit Cafe at Kennedy Space Center

Orbit Cafe
Kennedy Space Center
SR 405, Kennedy Space Center, FL, 32899
Phone: 352-753-0077

Thomas' take
Jess and I have talked many times about restarting the tour after our unplanned hiatus, however it seems between me getting randomly called in for extra shifts or hours at work and Jess getting her Masters we've been putting it off. Our recent trip to Kennedy Space Center provided me with an excellent chance to get things rolling again in a very fun way. Being what it was, I wasn't expecting the burger to knock my socks off, but eating a space burger would have to be an awesome story.

I wasn't expecting much from what was essentially a museum cafeteria trying to be an amusement park theme restaurant. However, overall I was pleased with the experience. The decor was simple and pleasant, the food was above decent and the only draw back was the service.

The burger:
This was a nothing-fancy, down to business burger. Two patties, lettuce, tomato and a slice of American cheese were standard though I was led to believe there were some other basic options as well. The patties were on the smaller side so together they were just about the perfect size. The bun was fairly unremarkable, but the bun-meat ratio was pretty spot on. The burger really shined in the flavor category. The meat was very fresh and tasted meaty. What I would guess was an amount of lean pork in the burger gave it a distinct flavor that really stood out without overpowering.

Not a burger worth going to space for, but definitely one worth getting if you are touring a visitor center dedicated to space travel..

The downs:
Food was served cafeteria style and there were two lines for food and two cash registers and apparently only one person doing any work in a dining room that could probably easily seat 100 people. This one lady was definitely driving the struggle bus full tilt. She took so long with the people in front of us we thought that no one was around and we wouldn't get anything to eat. She told me my burger would take "just a minute" when she meant it would be almost 10 minutes. Pro tip: Don't lie to a customer's face. And when I finally got my food we had to wander around to find someone who would let us pay for our food. In their defense they had only been open 2 hours and you can't really expect people to do anything for at least the first 3 hours of work.

The ups:
The fries were nothing special but I'm going to give them points because they were space fries.
Finishing off the meal with some Space Ice Cream and then going on tours of technological marvels and monuments to humanity's boundless passion and ingenuity.

Things we learned:
They will let just about anyone work near NASA. 

The rating:
3 out of 5